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Mar-Apr 2018
Available Light by CP Surendran (Speaking Tiger)

It is difficult to read through a book like this one and not use lines to portray the various wavelengths at which the poet processes the world around him. Words have an ability to transform the self - the pen writes it and the paper that reads it. The book has been reviewed by using multiple extracts from the work as it is one of those few books that, as a reader and a reviewer I have come across, that needs to be illustrated by its work rather than be explained through only a reviewer's point of view. The constant engagement that the book requires, the intense subjectivity and the sobriety of this work can only be understood by someone who has read the poems contained in this book and CP Surendran is one of those few contemporary Indian voices whose works one needs to be familiar with...

The trees are still, still the branches wander

In air farthest from roots.

We are where the wind returns shaken

Emptied of heart.

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