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May-Jun 2018
You Cannot Have all the Answers & Other Stories

"Because what memories could that place hold for her, that place she referred to as 'home'? For home was there, wasn't it?"

In the first few pages of the book, the theme that runs across the book has been opened up. A sense of belonging - what we call home. Home can have various definitions. We define home as a sanctuary - where one can put to rest the other "faces" one is forced to put on for the world; a place where one can be oneself or not as the book also attempts to tear away the stereotypes we have when it comes to defining what is called a home. For the characters of the first story in the book, home has various definitions - the nostalgia that one's country can evoke to an old-fashioned cradle that was filled with memories. While the story has been put across in a very simple format, it is the theme that is multi layered. A sense of loss along with the struggle of growing up as women. The familiarity of an image - in this case that of one's mother is at stake when the past comes knocking on the door. And one of the character’s in the book expresses her concern -

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