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Sep-Oct 2018
A Firefly in the Dark

Stories of East Bengal'ss history of struggles

When I picked up this book, the title inadvertently reminded me of Qurratulain Hyder's Fireflies in the Mist or its original title - Aakhir-e-Shab ke Hamsafar. But that book dealt with a theme that was a painful one - of East Bengal's history full of struggles and the creation of Bangladesh. A Firefly in the Dark comes under books for children but that does not mean that it is a light read as the stereotype exists for books that fall under this category. It was a pleasant surprise to read this book. The cover of the book (I shall discuss in detail later to point out its relevance) somehow manages to hide the dark undertones that run through the book.

The book is about relationships, it's about imagination, about that thin line that exists between what is real and what we consider an illusion

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